About Us

Cofaca is part of the Farach Group, a company with more than 4 decades of leadership in the Dominican Republic. The group has more than 2,400 employees, distributed in different companies.

We have built, with drive and tenacity, a unique production and distribution strategy that has become our main strength and allows us to offer high quality products and to be certified with the highest international standards.


Over the years, we have maintained a sustainable growth that has placed us among the leading companies in our markets. Our competitive advantages include:

  • Award-winning production facility.
  • Largest pharmaceutical, consumer and beauty portfolio on the market.
  • Wide-reaching distribution channels.
  • Commercial agreements with the best international brands.

What our clients say about us

Cofaca is identified for distributing exclusive products with excellent service

Supermercados Iberia

Cofaca has become a key ally for the growth of our company. As an strategic consultor / advisory partner they have given us total support and confidence in every step we take.

Grupo Beia
We work our corporate responsibility program through our non-profit foundation. We develop health and education programs for the vulnerable population.